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Joe Maneri
Mat Maneri

Joe Maneri alto and tenor saxophones, clarinet, piano
Mat Maneri violin, electric 6-string and baritone violins, electric 5-string viola
At The Gate
There Are No Doors
Sixty-One Joys
From Loosened Soil
Five Fantasies
Never Said A Mumblin' Word
Is Nothing Near?
Body And Soul
Race You Home
Gardenias For Gardenis
Outside The Whole Thing

Recorded October 1997
ECM 1661
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The first-ever duo album from the the highly-idiosyncratic American masters of microtonal improvisation. Father and son Maneri speak a musical language all their own, even when, as here, they reach out to embrace standards (Mat's rivettingly strange account of "Body And Soul"), spirituals (a wildly emotional "Never Said A Mumblin' Word) or Greek music (Joe's tribute to Charlie Gardenis, "the Bird of the Greek clarinet").