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Evan Parker
Drawn Inward

Evan Parker tenor and soprano saxophones, khene
Philipp Wachsmann violin, viola, live electronics, sound processing
Barry Guy double-bass
Paul Lytton percussion, live electronics
Lawrence Casserley live electronics, sound processing
Walter Prati live electronics, sound processing
Marco Vecchi live electronics, sound processing
The Crooner (for Johnny Hartman)
Serpent In Sky
Travel in the Homeland
Spouting Bowl
Collect Calls (Milano-Kingston) (Bugged)
aka Lotan
At Home in the Universe (for Stuart Kaufman)
Writing on Ice
Phloy in the Frame

Recorded December 1998
ECM 1693
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"Drawn Inward" is the follow-up to the widely-acclaimed "Toward The Margins", a recording that attracted a great deal of critical attention for its sensitive cross-referencing of free improvisation, live electronics and real-time sound processing. "Absorbing, innovative and wholly original music," The Times of London declared. "Drawn Inward" adds computer musician/composer Lawrence Casserley to the line-up. At any given moment, up to five musicians in the band are playing live electronics, increasing the fascinating maze-like complexity of the sound that swirls around Parker's extraordinary saxophone.