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Gianluigi Trovesi
Gianni Coscia
In cerca di cibo

Gianluigi Trovesi clarinets
Gianni Coscia accordion
In cerca di cibo
Il Postino
Minor Dance
Pinocchio - in groppa al tonno (piano)
Django (Donadona)
Pinocchio - in groppa al tonno (forte)
Le giostra di Piazza Savona
Tre bimbi di campagna
Celebre Mazurka alterata
Fata Turchina
El Choclo
In cerca di cibo

Recorded February 1999
ECM 1703
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ECM debut for an enormously appealing duo that plays Italian roots music. Jazz is one component, but North Italian folk traditions predominate, alongside music of the classical tradition, film and theatre music, hints of mazurka, tango, klezmer and more. The music Trovesi and Coscia celebrate on "In cerca di cibo" --it means "in search of nourishment" - is deeply and touchingly nostalgic. It is music that is, by turns yearning, mournful, humourous, joyous, poetic, and sentimental. N.B: Liner notes for this release are by Umberto Eco.