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Michael Mantler
Hide and Seek

Robert Wyatt voice
Susi Hyldgaard voice, accordion
Michael Mantler flute, oboe, clarinets
Michael Mantler trumpets
Martin Cholewa French horn
Vincent Nilsson trombone
Bjarne Roupé guitars
Tineke Noordhoek vibraphone, marimba
Per Salo piano
Marianne Sørensen violins
Mette Winther violas
Helle Sørensen cellos
Unsaid (1-6)
What did you say
It's all just words
If you have nothing to say
What do you see?
Absolutely nothing
What can we do
It all has to end sometime
I don't deny it
I'm glad your're glad
Do you think we'll ever find it?
It makes no difference to me

Recorded February-April 2000
ECM 1738
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Expatriate Austrian trumpeter-composer Michael Mantler's projects - bringing together literature and chamber music and elements drawn from jazz and pop - are in a class of their own, and defiantly resist categorization. Although in the past Mantler has set texts of Beckett, Pinter, Ungaretti and other great poets and playwrights of the last century, "Hide And Seek", based upon a play by New York author Paul Auster, marks the first time that he has had the encouragement and direct collaboration of a contemporary writer. Robert Wyatt and Danish Grammy winner Susi Hyldgaard are persuasive in the lead roles.