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Trygve Seim
Different Rivers

Trygve Seim tenor and soprano saxophones
Arve Henriksen trumpet, trumpophone, vocals
Håvard Lund clarinet, bass clarinet
Nils Jansen bass and sopranino saxophones, contrabass clarinet
Hild Sofie Tafjord french horn
David Gald tuba
Stian Carstensen accordion
Bernt Simen Lund cello
Morten Hannisdal cello
Per Oddvar Johansen drums
Paal Nilssen-Love drums
Øyvind Brække trombone
Sidsel Endresen recitation
Ulrikas Dans
Intangible Waltz
Different Rivers
The Aftermath: African Sunrise
Search Silence
For Edward

Recorded December 1998, January and December 1999
ECM 1744
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A new name in ECM's pantheon of Nordic talent, Norway's Trygve Seim is an exceptional saxophonist. Influenced by flute traditions of Asia, by free music, by his association with Edward Vesala, and by contemporary composition, he has arrived at a highly original music of his own, played here by a large ensemble brimming over with idiosyncratic improvisers. The music on "Different Rivers" is often contemplative, but it also has real power.