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Robin Williamson
Skirting the River Road

Robin Williamson vocals, harp, guitar, whistles
Mat Maneri viola, violin
Paul Dunmall tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet, border pipes, ocarina, moxeño
Ale Möller mandola, lute, hammered dulcimer, shawm, clarino, drone flutes, natural flutes, bamboo flutes, vibraphone
Mick Hutton double-bass
The Morning Watch, A Song Of Joys
Here To Burn
The Four Points Are Thus Beheld
Infant Joy
Dalliance Of Eagles
Abstinence Sows Sand
The Journey
The Terrible Doubt,
The Price Of Experience
West From California's Shores
Shepherd's Tune
The Map With No North
The Spider
The Fly
Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
The World Of Light

Recorded April 2001
ECM 1785
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Subtitled "Songs and Settings of Whitman, Blake and Vaughan", the second ECM album by Scottish singer/songwriter Robin Williamson is a unique adventure that brings together sung poetry, jazz, improvisation, and aspects of world folklore in a highly original, idiosyncratic chamber music. ECM assembled a very special group to support Williamson's soaring voice on this project, featuring American viola player Mat Maneri, Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ale Möller, and two English jazzmen: Paul Dunmall (on reeds and bagpipes) and Mick Hutton (on double-bass). The results both recall and transcend the experiments of Williamson's legendary avant-folk group, the Incredible String Band.