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Stephan Micus
Towards the Wind

Stephan Micus duduk, bass duduk, kalimba, steel-string guitars, 14-string guitar, shakuhachi, dondon, sattar, voice
Before Sunrise
Morning Breeze
Flying Horses
Birds of Dawn
Virgen de la Nieve
Eastern Princess
Crossing Dark Rivers

Recorded 1999-2001
ECM 1804
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“Towards The Wind”, the 15th ECM recording by the perennially popular world-traveller and multi-instrumentalist, features his debut performances on the Armenian duduk, that exceptionally expressive forerunner of the oboe and the clarinet. Stephan Micus was inspired by recordings of the great duduk virtuoso Jivan Gasparian and was able to study with Armenia’s greatest folk musician in Yerevan in the autumn of 1999. Gasparian passed along to him some of the instrument’s secrets, the ways in which its wealth of textures and sounds can be annexed.