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Tord Gustavsen
Changing Places

Tord Gustavsen piano
Harald Johnsen double-bass
Jarle Vespestad drums
Deep as Love
Graceful Touch
Melted Matter
At a Glance
Song of Yearning
Turning Point
Where Breathing Starts
Going Places
Your Eyes
Graceful Touch, Variation
Song of Yearning (solo)

Recorded December 2001, June 2002
ECM 1834
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Introducing a new piano trio from Norway. Tord Gustavsen’s young group, already making waves in the Far North – where “Changing Places” has soared into the pop charts – is telling new stories within the framework of the jazz tradition. This is music that sings, at once gentle and robust. The songs Gustavsen writes sound like standards-in-the-making: lyrical, immediately memorable songs, songs of an appealing freshness, yet sophisticated in their involvement with the melodic line. And the trio improvises, with flair and originality, inside their structures.