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Savina Yannatou
Primavera en Salonico
Terra Nostra

Savina Yannatou voice
Lamia Bedioui voice
Primavera en Salonico
Lefteris Ahgouridakis percussion
Yannis Alexandris oud, guitar, tamboura
Kostas Vomvolos qanun, accordion, caliba, tamboura
Kyriakos Gouventas violin
Harris Lambrakis nay
Michalis Siganidis double bass
Antonis Maratos percussion
Tassos Misyrlis cello
With the moon I'm walking
Ivan Nadõnka Dúmashe
A Fairy's Love Song
Ballo sardo
Yiallah Tnem Rima
El Barquero
No Seas Capritchioza
Chant Des Belles Mères
Schubho Lhaw Qolo
I've told you and I say again
Tres Hermanicas Eran
Los Bilbilicos
Hey het
Ah Mon Dié
Close Your Eyelids and See
Adieu Paure Carnavas
Wa Habibi
Madonna de la Grazia

Recorded November 2001
ECM 1856
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Exciting and very colourful ECM debut for innovative Greek singer Savina Yannatou and her band Primavera en Salonico. Yannatou and company propose a wide-open sound which embraces the simplest of folk songs as well as improvising that both draws upon far-flung traditions and moves beyond them. Music both highly attractive and emotionally-intense, recorded before a capacity crowd in Yannatou's hometown of Athens.