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Savina Yannatou
Primavera en Salonico

Savina Yannatou voice
Primavera en Salonico
Kostas Vomvolos accordion, qanun, kalimba
Yannis Alexandris tamboura, oud, guitar
Michalis Siganidis double-bass
Kyriakos Gouventas violin, viola
Harris Lambrakis ney
Kostas Theodorou percussion
Evga mana mou [Greece]
Muineira [Spain]
Yanno Yannovitse [Greece]
Porondos viz partjan [Moldavia]
Sedi Yanna [Bulgaria]
Orrio tto fengo [Italy]
Ta chervona ta kalinonka [Ukraine]
Terra ca nun senti [Sicily]
Sumiglia [Corsica]
Sta kala lu serenu [Italy]
Ganchum em yar ari [Armenia]
Tulbah [Palestine]
Smarte moj [Albania]
Ela ipne ke pare to [Greece]

Recorded May 2004
ECM 1903
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Savina Yannatou made her ECM debut with the live album “Terra Nostra”. which alerted the world’s press to the work of this exceptional Greek singer and her maverick band of free-thinking musicians, Primavera en Salonico. They play the traditional musics of the world in a spirited and liberated manner, and with a wide perspective that is far from “traditional”.

Now “Sumiglia”, Yannatou’s first ECM studio album and her first creative collaboration with producer Manfred Eicher, takes the music to another level. Pooling songs from Greece, Corsica, Italy, Sicily, Galicia, Palestine, Albania, Bulgaria, Armenia, Moldavia and the Ukraine, “Sumiglia” both celebrates the differences between the traditions and the common ground they share.

This cover is also available as poster, printed in offset on a heavy semi-coated art paper in 70x100 cm format. Please click here to see the full list, exclusively made for an ECM-exhibition in Seoul, Korea.