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Anat Fort
A Long Story

Anat Fort piano
Perry Robinson clarinet, ocarina
Ed Schuller double-bass
Paul Motian drums
Just Now, Var. I
Morning: Good
Just Now, Var. II
Not A Dream?
As Two/Something 'Bout Camels
Not The Perfect Storm
Just Now, Var. III

Recorded March 2004
ECM 1994

The “long story” that Anat Fort proposes on her ECM debut is a captivating one, full of episodes that shimmer with fresh colour. The Israeli-born pianist/composer/improviser is a musician with an individual slant on the jazz tradition, and her music, lyrical and exploratory, carries echoes of her Middle Eastern homeland. It is superbly played by a band that includes two of the most original musicians in modern jazz, drummer Paul Motian and clarinetist Perry Robinson, plus highly-regarded bassist Ed Schuller (who has a long history with both of these innovators). These remarkable individualists pool their creative energies in the service of Anat’s compositions, with intriguing results. “You'll be hearing a lot more from Anat Fort. Her astonishing compositions and gift for band-leading recently caught the attention of ECM... She is a daring pianist-composer whose inventive way with tunes and time suggests a huge talent in the making.." - K. Leander Williams, Time Out New York