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Arve Henriksen

Arve Henriksen trumpets, voice, field recording
Jan Bang live sampling, samples, beats, programming, bass line, dictaphone, organ samples, arrangement
Audun Kleive percussion, drums
David Sylvian voice, samples, programming
Helge Sunde string arrangement and programming
Eivind Aarset guitars
Lars Danielsson double-bass
Erik Honoré synthesizer, samples, field recordings, choir samples
Arnaud Mercier treatments
Trio Mediaeval voice sample
Vérène Andronikof vocals
Vytas Sondeckis vocal arrangement
Anna Maria Friman voice
Ståle Storløkken synthesizer, samples
Poverty And Its Opposite (Henriksen/Bang/Kleive)

Before And Afterlife
Part 1 (Sylvian)
Part 2 (Henriksen/Bang)

Migration (Henriksen/Bang)

From Birth (Henriksen/Bang/Kleive)

Ouija (Henriksen/Bang/Honoré)

Recording Angel (Henriksen/Bang)

Assembly (Henriksen/Bang/Honoré)

Loved One (Henriksen/Bang)

The Unremarkable Child (Henriksen/Bang)

Famine’s Ghost
Part one (Henriksen/Bang/Honoré/Brooks)
Part two (Henriksen/Bang/Kleive/Storløkken)

Thermal (Lyrics by David Sylvian – Music by Henriksen/Bang/Kleive/Aarset)

Sorrow And Its Opposite (Arntsen/Skeie)

Recorded between 2005 and 2008
ECM 2086
Concerts Susanne Abbuehl

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A shifting cast of characters, with live sampling man and album co-producer Jan Bang at the centre, provides a series of soundscapes, an ambient-experimental map of moods, for the uniquely liquid, singing trumpet lines of Arve Henriksen to scale and explore. Some tracks are recorded live in concert, others are studio creations. Singer David Sylvian reads his own poetry on two cuts.