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Heinz Holliger
Lieder ohne Worte

Thomas Zehetmair violin
Thomas Larcher piano
Ursula Holliger harp
Heinz Holliger
Lieder ohne Worte II
Sequenzen über Johannes I, 23 für Harfe
Trema – Version für Violine solo
Präludium, Arioso und Passacaglia für Harfe
Elis – Drei Nachtstücke für Klavier
Lieder ohne Worte I

Recorded June 1996
ECM New Series 1618
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In the last decade the uniqueness of Holliger's compositions - for many years overshadowed by his reputation as a virtuoso oboist - has received overdue recognition with the awarding of many important international prizes (including Copenhegen's Léonie Sonning Music Award, the Frankfurt Music Award, the Art Award of the City of Basle, the Ernst von Siemens Music Prize etc). On Lieder ohne Worte the extreme demands of Holliger's music are well served by his harpist wife Ursula (for whom numerous composers, from Elliott Carter to Lutoslawski have also written pieces), pianist Thomas Larcher and violinist Thomas Zehetmair. Larcher and Zehetmair have worked extensively with Holliger, the latter recently premiering his Violin Concerto.