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Eleni Karaindrou
Eternity and a Day

Vangelis Christopoulos oboe
Nikos Guinos clarinet
Manthos Halkias clarinet
Spyros Kazianis bassoon
Vangelis Skouras french horn
Aris Dimitriadis mandolin
Iraklis Vavatsikas accordion
Eleni Karaindrou piano
String Orchestra La Camerata Athens
Loukas Krytinos director
Hearing the Time
By the Sea
Eternity Theme
Parting A
Depart and Eternity Theme
Wedding dance
Parting B
To a Dead Friend
Eternity Theme (Variation I)
Depart and Eternity Theme (Variation I)
Bus - Part I
Depart and Eternity Theme (Variation II)
Bus - Part II
Trio and Eternity Theme
The Poet
Depart and Eternity Theme (Variation III)

Recorded March / April 1998
ECM New Series 1692
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Music for the Golden Palm winning film by Theo Angelopoulous, written by Eleni Karaindrou, whom Time magazine has hailed as "Greece's most eleoquent living composer". The worldwide success of Ulysses' Gaze has shown how convincingly Karaindrou's themes can take on a life of their own. Her melodies have been described as "dark and brooding, redolent of red wine and the salty brine of the sea, at once plaintive and erotically lyrical." Karaindrou's score for "Eternity and a Day" makes poetic use of the instruments of Greek folk music, particularly the sound of the clarinet, keening in the mountain air, or hovering over a rich bourdon of strings.