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Thomas Larcher

Thomas Larcher piano
Thomas Demenga cello
Erich Höbarth violin
Naunz (1989)
Vier Seiten (1998)
Noodivihik (1992)
Klavierstück 1986
Kraken (1994-1997)
Antennen-Requiem für H. (1999)

Recorded November 1999
ECM New Series 1747
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The first ECM album to feature Austrian pianist Larcher's taut and powerful compositions. He's previously been heard as an outstanding interpreter on his disc of Schoenberg/Schubert "Klavierstücke", on Michelle Markaski's "Elogio per un'ombra", and on Heinz Holliger's "Lieder ohne Worter". Hans-Klaus Jungheinrich: "Larcher's musical textures rely on the enormous expansion and compression of time, working with almost cinematic montage techniques, with cross-cuts, with rhythmic spans both long-arching and brief, with precisely calculated intensification and internal structuring. His music is clearly and securely shaped and radiates intellectual control...These pieces are the emanation of enormous concentration and intensity of experience."