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Harald Bergmann

Harald Bergmann Buch und Regie
Walter Schmidinger Sprecher
Scardanelli André Wilms
Ernst Zimmer Udo Kroschwald
Lotte Zimmer Geno Lechner
Waiblinger Baki Davrak
Schwab Jürgen Lehmann
Räuber Rainer Sellien
Marie Nathusius Amalie Bizer
Wurm Raimund Groß
Die Maske John Chambers
Dr. Gmelin Günther Weinmann
Tischlergeselle Gottfried Pipping
Zeuge Schwab Heinz E. Hirscher
Zeuge Waiblinger Ernst Specht
Zeugin Lotte Zimmer Gertrud Fritz
Zeugin Marie Nathusius Elisabeth Scheib
Sammler Wolfgang Rin
Erzähler 1 Hans Treichler
Erzähler 2 Egon Schäfer
Gedichte gesprochen von
Walter Schmidinger

Recorded 1997-98
ECM New Series 1761
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“Scardanelli”, with texts and music from Harald Bergmann’s acclaimed film of the same name, is presented as a German-language “audio book” which reflects on Hölderlin’s last years.
Bergmann looks at Friedrich Hölderlin in the second half of his life, the 36 years the great poet spent under the care of the carpenter Zimmer in his Tübingen tower, writing poems, drawing, playing piano. He called himself “Scardanelli” and this was the name with which he signed the poems that he gave away to visitors.
Actor Walter Schmidinger, known intentionally for his roles in Ingmar Bergmann’s “From the Life of the Marionettes” and “The Serpent’s Egg”, Maximilian Schell’s “Tales from the Vienna Woods” and other films, is very convincing in the title role, bringing shades of disturbance, irascibility and suffering to his reading of the Scardanelli poems.