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Helmut Lachenmann
Schwankungen am Rand

Helmut Lachenmann
Peter Eötvös conductor
Schwankungen am Rand, Musik für Blech und Saiten
Mouvement (- vor der Erstarrung) für Ensemble
...zwei Gefühle..., Musik mit Leonardo für Sprecher und Ensemble

Recorded November 1994 and 1998
ECM New Series 1789
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The New York Times recently asked the question "Who is the most influential European composer of the moment?" and answered that no name "comes to mind more immediately than that of Helmut Lachenmann: The best of his work takes you by the hand and will not let you go until it has shown you things you could not have suspected." The first New Series disc by the great German composer/inventor resounds with startling sound-events, realized brilliantly - and dramatically - by the Ensemble Modern and the Ensemble Modern Orchestra, under the inspired direction of Peter Eötvös. These compositions from 1974/75, 1983/84 and 1992 represent key moments in Lachenmann's restless voyage of sound-discovery