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Ludwig van Beethoven
Complete Music for Piano and Violoncello

András Schiff piano
Miklós Perényi violoncello
Sonate F-Dur op. 5, Nr. 1
Variationen über ein Thema aus Händels Oratorium “Judas Maccabaeus” G-Dur WoO 45
Sonate G-Moll op. 5, Nr. 2
Sonate F-Dur op. 17 (Horn-Sonate)

12 Variationen über „Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen“ F-Dur op. 66
Sonate A-Dur op. 69
7 Variationen über “Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen“ Es-Dur WoO 46
Sonate C-Dur op. 102, Nr. 1
Sonate D-Dur op. 102, Nr. 2

Recorded December 2001 and August 2002
ECM New Series 1819
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“Beethoven’s five sonatas for piano and cello show in a nutshell the same evolution that the 32 piano sonatas show,” said András Schiff recently. “You have this wonderful young lion Beethoven in the opus 5 sonatas, you have the opus 69, the A major, which stands in the middle of his life, and then you have these wonderful two works, opus 102, which are at the gates of the late style, the last phase. And these are in a way experimental works, but fully crystallized.”
Superbly played by Schiff and Miklós Perényi, these may be the definitive recordings of Beethoven’s music for piano and cello.