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John Cage
Herbert Henck

Herbert Henck piano, prepared piano
John Cage
Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano
Sonata I
Sonata II
Sonata III
Sonata IV
First Interlude
Sonata V
Sonata VI
Sonata VII
Sonata VIII
Second Interlude11
Third Interlude
Sonata IX
Sonata X
Sonata XI
Sonata XII
Fourth Interlude
Sonata XIII
Sonata XIV
Sonata XV
Sonata XVI

Herbert Henck Festeburger Fantasien
Zweite Serie
Duo 1
Duo 2
Duo 3
Solo 1
Duo 4
Duo 5
Duo 6
Solo 2
Duo 7
Duo 8
Duo 9
Festeburger Fantasien
Erste Serie
Solo I
Duo I
Duo 2
Solo 2
Duo 3
Duo 4

Recorded 1993 and 2000
ECM New Series 1842
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“As well as being a superb technician,” wrote The Guardian, “Herbert Henck always puts together his discs with great thoughtfulness.” “Locations” gives the most complete indication of Henck’s musical range yet.     He is heard, once again, as an insightful interpreter of modern music, and also as a most convincing improviser. Disc One is devoted to an impeccable account of John Cage’s seminally important “Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano”. Disc Two features two groups of improvised “fantasies”, each of them taped as “freestyle extensions” of Henck’s interpretative work.