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Valentin Silvestrov
Symphony No. 6

SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra
Andrey Boreyko conductor
Symphony No. 6
for orchestra (1994/95)
Dedicated to Virko Baley

I. Andantino – Vivace – Allegretto (attacca)

II. Allegro moderato – Commodo (attacca)

III. Andantino – Animato – Adagio – Moderato – Andante (attacca)

IV. Intermezzo. Larghetto (attacca)

V. Vivace con moto – Larghetto

Recorded June 2005
ECM New Series 1935

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A defining orchestral work by Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov, one of the most individual voices from the former Soviet Union. His sixth symphony, written in 1994/95, a five-part work stretching over 55 minutes, offers an impressive synthesis of Silvestrov’s personal style which he himself has called “Metamusik”: music beyond music, sounds, often verging on silence, eavesdropping on long-lost reverberations.