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The Dowland Project

John Potter tenor
Miloš Valent violin, viola
John Surman soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, tenor and bass recorders
Stephen Stubbs baroque guitar, vihuela
Got schepfer aller dingen
Veris dulcis
Pulcherrima rosa
Ora pro nobis
Lá lume
Dulce solum
Der oben swebt
O beata infantia (fragment)
O Rosa
In flagellis
Kyrie Jesus autem transiens
O beata infantia
Credo Laudate dominum
Ein gut Preambel (vihuela solo)
Sanctus Tu solus qui facis
Ein iberisch Postambel

Recorded January 2006
ECM New Series 1970

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With a revised line-up, John Potter’s Dowland Project expands its repertoire on its third album, freely exploring love songs, chants and motets from the 12th century to the present by Oswald von Wolkenstein, Orlando di Lasso, Josquin Desprez and others including the anonymous composers of the Carmina Burana manuscript. New to the Project is Miloš Valent, the vibrant violinist and violist from Slovakia who is equally at home in early music and in the gypsy and folk musics of eastern Europe. Like English reedman John Surman and American lutenist Stephen Stubbs he is also able to improvise beyond the traditions: these richly atmospheric pieces are reborn in the interaction of the players.