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Till Fellner
Johann Sebastian Bach
Inventionen und Sinfonien
Französische Suite V

Till Fellner piano
Inventionen BWV 772 - 786
Inventio 1 C-Dur
Inventio 2 c-Moll
Inventio 3 D-Dur
Inventio 4 d-Moll
Inventio 5 Es-Dur
Inventio 6 E-Dur
Inventio 7 e-Moll
Inventio 8 F-Dur
Inventio 9 f-Moll
Inventio 10 G-Dur
Inventio 11 g-Moll
Inventio 12 A-Dur
Inventio 13 a-Moll
Inventio 14 B-Dur
Inventio 15 h-Moll

Sinfonien BWV 787 - 801
Sinfonia 1 C-Dur
Sinfonia 2 c-Moll
Sinfonia 3 D-Dur
Sinfonia 4 d-Moll
Sinfonia 5 Es-Dur
Sinfonia 6 E-Dur
Sinfonia 7 e-Moll
Sinfonia 8 F-Dur
Sinfonia 9 f-Moll
Sinfonia 10 G-Dur
Sinfonia 11 g-Moll
Sinfonia 12 A-Dur
Sinfonia 13 a-Moll
Sinfonia 14 B-Dur
Sinfonia 15 h-Moll

Französische Suite V in G-Dur BWV 816

Recorded July 2007
ECM New Series 2043

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For more than four years, fans have been waiting for a new Bach recording from the extraordinary Austrian pianist Till Fellner. His interpretation of the first book of the Well-tempered piano for ECM was released in 2004 to great critical acclaim. “The articulation and the shaping of line are always clean, with meticulous but subtle attention given to the underlining of fugue subjects. There is just the right amount of flexibility in his shaping of phrase, and the sheer beauty of his sound helps lend the cerebral an enticing touch of the sensual”, wrote Stephen Pettitt in the Evening Standard. With the two-part Inventions and three-part Sinfonias Fellner now illuminates the magic of Bach’s allegedly just didactic piano pieces from 1722/23, in which he offered a method of polyphonic playing and composing. Interspersed is a vividly swinging account of Bach’s fifth French Suite in G-major.