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Duo Gazzana
Five Pieces

Natascia Gazzana violin
Raffaella Gazzana piano
Toru Takemitsu
Distance de fée

Paul Hindemith
Sonate in E
I Ruhig bewegt
II Langsam – Sehr lebhaft

Leoš Janáček
I Con moto
II Ballada. Con moto
III Allegretto
IV Adagio

Valentin Silvestrov
Five Pieces
I Elegie. Andante larghetto
II Serenade. Moderato
III Intermezzo. Moderato
IV Barcarole. Andantino
V Nocturne. Larghetto

Recorded March 2011

ECM New Series 2238

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This is the recording debut of Italian sisters Natascia and Raffaella Gazzana, named for the “Five Pieces” for violin and piano by Valentin Silvestrov which conclude the album. These works – a gently-pulsing elegy, a serenade, an intermezzo, a barcarole, a ghostly nocturne - receive their international release here in a context which combines the familiar and the far-flung, as Duo Gazzana finds creative affinities between the music of four very different composers. “The programme as a whole is typical of the duo’s inquiring and sensitive approach to repertory”, writes Paul Griffiths in the liner notes. “What we hear here is a vital freshness”.

For more information go to www.duogazzana.com