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Helena Tulve
Arboles lloran por lluvia

Arianna Savall soprano, triple harp
Charles Barbier countertenor
Taniel Kirikal countertenor
Marco Ambrosini nyckelharpa
Riivo Kallasmaa oboe
Helena Tulve glasses, wind chimes
NYYD Quartet
Harry Traksmann violin
Olga Voronova violin
Torsten Tiebout viola
Leho Karin violoncello
Vox Clamantis
Mikk Üleoja, Mikk Dede, Sakarias Leppik, Anto Õnnis, Riivo Kallasmaa, Tõnis Kaumann, Kadri Hunt, Endrik Üksvärav
Ensemble Hortus Musicus
Harry Traksmann violin
Peeter Klaas viola da gamba
Imre Eenmaa viola da gamba, violone
Tõnis Kuurme recorders, dulcian
Olev Ainomäe recorders, bombard
Valter Jürgenson trombone
Ivo Sillamaa positive organ
Jaan-Eik Tulve conductor
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Olari Elts conductor
Reyah hadas ‘ala
for voices and early music consort
Poem by Shalom Shabazi

for soprano, oboe and percussions
Poems by Mother Immaculata Astre

L’Équinoxe de l’âme
for soprano, triple harp and string quartet
Text by Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi, translated from the Persian by Henry Corbin

Arboles lloran por lluvia
for voices and nyckelharpa
Traditional Ladino poem

Extinction des choses vues
for orchestra

Recorded 2009 and 2010

ECM New Series 2243

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Recorded in churches in Tallinn as well as the Estonian Concert Hall, the five compositions heard on “Arboles lloran por lluvia” (Trees cry for rain) give deeper insight into the unique sound-world of Helena Tulve, into music which is nourished by both contemporary and ancient currents. Tulve draws upon a wide-range of inspirational sources. She explores the raw fabric of sound and the nature of timbre in both analytical and instinctive ways, in compositions that are unmistakably her own, yet her work is inclusive – here incorporating aspects of Gregorian chant, melody from Yemenite Jewish tradition, and texts from Sufi, Sephardic and Christian mystic poetry. Strong performances by the soloists, above all Arianna Savall – featured on “silences/larmes”, “L’Équinoxe de l’âme” and the title track – and the choral, chamber and orchestral forces marshalled by Jaan-Eik Tulve and Olari Elts make Helena Tulve’s second ECM New Series recording a most impressive successor to the critically-acclaimed “Lijnen”.