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The Hilliard Ensemble
Il Cor Tristo

David James countertenor
Rogers Covey-Crump tenor
Steven Harrold tenor
Gordon Jones baritone
Bernardo Pisano (1490 – 1548)
Or vedi, Amor
Nova angeletta
Chiare, fresche, e dolci acque
Roger Marsh (*1949)
Il Cor Tristo – I°
Jacques Arcadelt (c. 1507 – 1568)
Solo e pensoso
L’aer gravato
Tutt’il dì piango
Roger Marsh
Il Cor Tristo – II°
Bernardo Pisano
Si è debile il filo
Ne la stagion
Che debb’io far?
Roger Marsh
Il Cor Tristo – III°

Texts by Francesco Petrarca (1304 – 74),
° by Dante Alighieri (1265 – 1321)

Recorded November 2012

ECM New Series 2346

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One of the world’s finest vocal chamber groups, the Hilliard Ensemble, is unrivalled for its formidable reputation in the fields of both early and new music. The programme featured here exemplifies its distinctive style and highly developed musicianship in both repertoires. At its heart is a work commissioned by the ensemble from British contemporary composer Roger Marsh: Il Cor Tristo, a setting of cantos 32 and 33 from Dante’s Inferno, which deftly blends Renaissance techniques with a modern idiom. Marsh’s composition frames madrigals by 16th century composers Bernardo Pisano (1490-1548) and Jacques Arcadelt (c 1507-1568). As so often with the Hilliard singers, the transitions between “old” and “new” are seamless...