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Heinz Holliger
Robert Schumann

Heinz Holliger oboe, oboe d'amore
Anita Leuzinger violoncello
Anton Kernjak piano
Robert Schumann
Sechs Stücke in kanonischer Form op.56
Nicht zu schnell
Mit innigem Ausdruck
Nicht zu schnell

Robert Schumann
Drei Romanzen für Oboe und Klavier op.94
Nicht schnell
Einfach, innig
Nicht schnell

Heinz Holliger
Romancendres für Violoncello und Klavier
Kondukt I (C.S.– R.S.)
I Aurora (Nachts)
II R(asche)S Flügelschlagen
III „Der Würgengel der Gegenwart"
IV „heiter bewegt“ („Es wehet ein Schatten darin“)
Kondukt II („Der bleiche Engel der Zukunft“)

Robert Schumann
III Intermezzo. Bewegt doch nicht zu schnell (aus: FAE Sonate Nr. 3 in a-Moll, WoO2)

Robert Schumann
Sonate Nr. 1 für Pianoforte und Violine in a-Moll op.105
I Mit leidenschaftlichem Ausdruck
II Allegretto
III Lebhaft

Recorded July 2012 / November 2013

ECM New Series 2395

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Heinz Holliger’s lifelong fascination with the music of Robert Schumann finds further expression on this newest release: on Aschenmusik, a new interpretation of the Swiss oboist-composer’s “Romancendres” is framed by Schumann’s own works. “Romancendres” refers to the lost “Cello Romances” which Clara Schumann burned on Brahms’s advice, an act of destruction which outraged Holliger and fuelled the composition of this “music from the ashes” in 2003. It’s a portrait of Schumann, packed with quotations, projected like a lifetime passing through the mind of a dying man. “Romancendres” is prefaced by Schuman’s “Romances” for oboe and piano, masterpieces which have been part of Holliger’s repertoire for 60 years, and by the rarely-played “Studies in Canon Form” which find Holliger on the oboe d’amore. The album closes with Schumann’s first sonata for violin and piano, with cello substituting for violin. Holliger: “Schumann himself thought it could also be played on a cello. I find it grandiose with this combination of instruments.” Strong performances by Holliger himself and by Anita Leuzinger, solo cellist from the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra, and by Austrian pianist Anton Kernjak make this album another important addition to Heinz Holliger’s ECM discography. Aschenmusik is issued in time for Holliger’s 75th birthday on May 21st.