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Michael Mantler
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Michael Mantler trumpet
Larry Coryell guitar
Philip Catherine guitar
Gary Windo tenor saxophone
Carla Bley keyboards
Steve Swallow bass
Tony Williams drums
D. Sharpe drums
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Movie Two
Movie Three
Movie Four
Movie Five
Movie Six, Movie Seven
Movie Eight
More Movies: Movie Nine
The Sinking Spell
Movie Eleven
Will We Meet Tonight?
Movie Thirteen
The Doubtful Guest
Movie Fifteen
Movie Fourteen
Movie Ten
Movie Twelve

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For light relief from his darker, more existential works, Michael Mantler assembled two fine ensembles at the end of the 1970s to play music that might be described as the Thinking Man's Answer to Fusion. "Like a more mature and musicianly Mahavishnu Orchestra" according to Melody Maker. Two original albums, remastered, on a single CD.