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About ECM
February 10 , 2004

Welcome to ECM’s new web site!

Welcome to the relaunch of our web site in a new design and with new technology. We hope you’ll enjoy surfing and browsing on these web pages. Our goal was to keep everything as clear and simple as possible while adding a number of new features and information. Here’s a brief overview.
     Under New you will find our new releases as well as “diary” items with news about ECM artists, upcoming releases, awards and more. You can switch between two different font sizes with the “+” and “-” buttons on top of each page.
     Artists lists a complete alphabetical artist index, providing easy access to musicians’ ECM discographies. You can also search for artists, album titles, tracks or catalogue numbers.
     The centrepiece of our web site is the menu item Catalogue. You can browse the entire catalogue from the most recent releases to the earliest. Select the label you wish to browse and use the pager arrows to move back in time. A click on the thumbnail cover will present the details on the lower half of the screen.
     Besides ECM and ECM New Series our catalogue contains releases of Japo, WATT, XtraWatt, Carmo and Rune Grammofon.
     If you’d like to purchase albums you’ll find an order link on each catalogue page. A mouse click on an item will place it in your shopping cart. Continue shopping or log yourself in to check out and pay. If you’re a first time buyer, you’ll have to register. You can pay for your purchase by credit card and we will dispatch your goods from the central ECM warehouse in Munich. Ours is the only site which offers the full range of ECM and affiliated labels: all titles currently available can be ordered here.
     Find live concerts and events of your favourite artists under Tours. You can now sort the concert calendar by date, by artist and by country.
     Finally, we have updated and rearranged our Links page with numerous connections to artists’ home pages or enthusiasts’ sites.
     Our partners in this relaunch were Atelier Bernd Kuchenbeiser, Munich, for the screen design, software company XXL GmbH, Munich, for the HTML-coding and Netpioneer GmbH, Karlsruhe, for database programming and project management.