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November 4 , 2005

More praise for Katché

As already noted, Manu Katche's „Neighbourhood“ has received enthusiastic responses from the critics. Nowhere is this truer than Britain where the French-African drummer’s ECM debut has been greeted with a storm of applause. Some recent comments:

"Neighbourhood will head my end-of-year list unless something truly amazing comes out between now and December. This is music that grows on you - the beautiful, sensual sounds of Tomasz Stanko's trumpet and Jan Garbarek's saxophone weave melodic shapes while Marcin Wasilewski's piano provides the perfect counterpoint with elegant musical inventions of his own."
Stuart Nicholson, Observer Music Monthly, UK - September 2005

"Ruminative, soulful and always melodic, this is cool jazz with a fiery heart."
John Bungey, The Times, UK - October 2005

"Neighbourhood is a thoughtful, feelgood jazz album that harks back to the traditions of modern jazz while remaining contemporary - thanks to Katché' s inventive drumming."
John L Walters, The Guardian, UK - September 2005

"With this superb release, his first as leader for ECM, Katché has created the sort of album which speaks - or rather, sings - of the mellow, swinging and blues-rinsed essence of the music to which JJI is dedicated.
...lucidly conceived and finely textured music is interpreted by all with the sort of unforced, laid-back power that speaks of the essence of things.
Wasilewski continues to impress as a player of both exquisite touch and considerable rhythmic elan.
This beautifully recorded album, as contemporary in its overall breadth and depth of conception as it is archetypal in poetic import and melodic appeal, will come to be seen as a milestone of European jazz. Far and away the release of the year, and, for me at least, worthy of the sort of attention and veneration that has long been accorded Kind of Blue."
Michael Tucker, Jazz Journal, UK - October 2005

"Neighbourhood is full of crystalline themes, limpid, fluent melodies that have artful variations in complexity. Some of the lead lines are lengthy and loping. Some are curt and clipped, allowing space for Katché' s excellent accompanists to supply excellent unison and solo support.
Katché, whose performance on the kit has all of the rhythmic and textural finesse one expects of him, has fashioned a sound that epitomizes the global, intercontinental, access-all areas reality of contemporary jazz."
Kevin Le Gendre, Echoes, UK - Noveber 2005

"A very attractive disc that sometimes evokes the cool jazz past (Miles Away) but usually celebrates the warm jazz present."
Peter Bacon, Birmingham Post, UK- October 12, 2005

"In jazz compositional style, simple and melodic are considered to be derogatory words but for me when mixed with presence and skillful musicianship it can be the hardest of forms to write and when well executed can really tear at the heart and soul of one aspect that music should and can be. This is the case with this album.
Pianist Marcin Wasilewski is to my mind one of the great discoveries of recent times.
Jan Garbarek's playing on this record is just fantastic, with every note he teases and inspires us and I would go so far as to say that this could be some of his best soloing for quite a while.
On repeated listens this album gets better and the focus changes each time you listen, concentrate on Manu's own playing, his sense of rhythm, his placement, his percussive embellishment and his album to effortlessly propel without detracting from the melody and the harmony created by both the music and the musicians. This album is a decidedly European album and could only have been recorded here in Europe and is further testament to the power of European jazz musicians. A beautiful record, a very ECM record and an album that hopefully will be the start of Manu Katché 'the leader'."
Mike Chadwick, JazzFM.com, UK - September 2005

Making his first solo record in his mid-40s, [Manu Katché] has assembled a fabulous acoustic quintet, composed ten calm and considered pieces and produced a wholly delightful album. Oh yes, and his beats are pretty cool too - thrilling and inventive, yet without flashy showmanship.
A debut that's been well worth the wait."
Brian Glasser, HMV Choice, UK - September/ October 2005

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