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November 5 , 2005

Lachenmann wins Charles Cros prize

The ECM recording of Helmut Lachenmann’s opera „Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern“ has been selected to receive the Grand Prix of the Académie Charles Cros in Paris. This is one of France’s major music awards given by the organization that is the French equivalent of the US Recording Academy. The awards ceremony takes place at Radio France on November 25.

„Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern“ also won a prize in the contemporary music category of the Charles Cros’ awards receiving a „coup de coeur“, as did a second New Series release, Heinz Holliger’s Violin Concerto. The Charles Cros Contemporary Music Awards are presented on November 9 at IRCAM.

Charles Cros was a French poet and inventer who in 1877, even before Thomas Edison, wrote a paper on „the process of recording and of reproducing audible phenomena“. He also developed various methods of photography including an early color photo process.

2005 has been an important year for Lachenmann, with his work receiving more performances than ever before, and 70th birthday celebrations in Berlin, Oslo, Vienna, Lucerne, Huddersfield and elsewhere prompting re-evaluations of his work in numerous international publications.

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