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February 5 , 2004

Karaindrou’s new album – presentations and concerts

Eleni Karaindrou’s new ECM album – the soundtrack for Theo Angelopoulos’ latest film “The Weeping Meadow” – is on the way! European release is scheduled for April.
     In Greece where the film will be launched on February 13th, the album is already available, and Karaindrou, together with producer Manfred Eicher, introduced it at an Athens press conference on February 4th, attended by more than 200 journalists and media figures. In one of the first press reactions TA NEA, the Greek newspaper, colourfully described the music as “compelling. With a subcutaneous intensity, allowing no trace of smoke in the surface. Silent. Solitary. Made of the subject matter of sound with the clarity of the water and the magic of a slow, inner journey, laden with its own rhythm, its own silence.”
     ”The Weeping Meadow” is the first film in Theo Angelopoulos’ “Trilogy”. It tells of the fate of the Greek people through the relationship between two people. Angelopoulos says of his latest film: “The story starts in Odessa in 1919, continues through to the end of the civil war in Greece in 1949 and ends today, in New York. Exile, separations, wanderings, the collapse of ideas and the ordeals of history. From innocence to tragic passion. And more than ever before, a eulogy on human destiny.”
     On February 12 and 13 the film will be shown at the 54th Berlin International Film Festival.
     On the 11th of June a special concert will take place in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica where Karaindrou and her musicians will play music she has written for Theo Angelopoulos’ films, including “Voyage to Cythera”, “The Beekeeper”, “Landscape in the Mist”, “The Suspended Step of the Stork”, “Ulysses’ Gaze”, “Eternity and a Day” and, for the first time outside Greece, “The Weeping Meadow”. Eleni Karaindrou is also currently preparing for a series of concerts at Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall in the months ahead.
     ”The Weeping Meadow” is Eleni Karaindrou’s sixth ECM recording. It follows “Music for Films” (ECM 1429), “The Suspended Step of the Stork” (ECM 1456), “Ulysses’s Gaze” (ECM New Series 1570), “Eternity and a Day” (ECM New Series 1692) and “Trojan Women” (ECM New Series 1810).