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January 27 , 2006

Folio fever

Barry Guy’s New Series album "Folio"- with Maya Homburger and Muriel Cantoreggi on violins and Guy himself on double bass, plus the Munich Chamber Orchestra – is picking up exstatic press especially in Britain.
Deservedly so, for it is a recording that uniquely brings together contemporary composition, improvisation and early music.

In the string players magazine The Strad, Julian Haylock writes “Not since Penderecki’s heyday have I been so bowled over by music which so compellingly fuses startlingly inventive and ear-tingling string textures and timbres with the emotional passion and drive of a “Verklärte Nacht” or “Metamorphosen”... So charismatically involving is this truly virtuoso performance that at times it feels as though the entire ensemble might literally explode with excitement.”

These sentiments are echoed in many newspapers and music magazines. “Folio” was one of the recommended albums of 2005 in Germany’s Die Zeit, received a “Choc” as album of the month in France’s Jazzman in January 2006, and was disc of the week on BBC’s Radio 3.