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October 25 , 2006

Prizes for Haltli, Eick

Awards have been announced for two Norwegian musicians associated with ECM.

Trumpeter Matthias Eick, heard as a member of Iro Haarla’s group on “Northbound”, and Jacob’s Young’s group on “Evening Falls”, has been chosen as International Jazz Talent of the Year by the International Jazz Festivals Organization and the International Association for Jazz Education. The awards ceremony will take place in the context of the IAJE’s annual conference in New York in January 2007. The purpose of the award, which includes concerts at six major jazz festivals and a cash prize of $20,000 USD, is to help a musician develop aspects of his work.

Accordionist Frode Haltli, known for his work with Trygve Seim on “Sangam” and “The Source and Different Cikadas”
as well as his own “Looking On Darkness” recital, has won the Fergersten Foundation Music Prize for Contemporary Music 2006. The award, worth 150,000 Norwegian kroner, will be presented at Oslo’s Ultima Festival on November 1.

A new recording by Frode Haltli, “Passing Images”, is in preparation for 2007 release.