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October 16 , 2007

Manu Katché makes the news

It is not every day that the release of a jazz album makes the television news programmes, but this was the case in France last Saturday when number one national TV channel, TF1, following its habitual round up of events around the globe, gave notice of Manu Katché’s new recording “Playground”. A clip from the news programme can be seen here:

Video.TF1: Manu Katché: Playground

The drummer/bandleader has achieved an across-the-board popularity in his French homeland, and his recent European tour with his quintet - including Trygve Seim, Mathias Eick, Marcin Wasilewski and Slawomir Kurkiewicz - concluded with a sold-out concert at Paris’s Theatre des Champs d’Elyssées.

Elsewhere, “Playground” continues to collect exceptional press. “Manu Katché’s ‘Playground’ ist ein Meisterwerk des Jazz” ran the headline on an extensive review/interview in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in which leading critic Wolfgang Sandner concluded that “Manu Katché is genius whose playing combines the essences of European classical music, the vitality of American jazz and the selfless joy of African drumming. ”

The disc continues to rise in jazz and pop charts around Europe. It can be bought from all good record stores and online music retailers as well as directly from the ECM web shop:

Manu Katché: Playground (ECM 2016)

Manu Katché is currently on tour with the Jan Garbarek Group.