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January 22 , 2008

French Raves for Jarrett Box

As previously noted, ECM celebrates the 25th anniversary of the trio of Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette by re-releasing their first three albums as a specially-priced limited edition box set, accompanied by a booklet with rare photos and an insightful essay by Swiss jazz writer Peter Rüedi. “Setting Standards” revisits “Standards Vol. I”, “Standards II” and “Changes”, recordings made in New York’s Power Station in January 1983.

The French press, always keen to analyze Jarrett, is already dedicating large articles to this reisssue and the trio’s jubilee. The weekly “L’express”, exploring the “story of a success”, observes that “these original albums haven’t lost any of their freshness” and concludes: “In questions of balance between the musicians involved and of sheer inventiveness, these three discs have no equal today.” “Il y a 25 ans, Keith Jarrett faisait sa révolution” reads the headline of Bertrand Dicale’s full-page article for the daily “Le Figaro”. The French journalist suggests that these three records may have represented the “last true revolution” in jazz, leaving no doubt that they amount “to one of the most abrupt and decisive changes of perspective in jazz’s history.”

The trio’s 25th anniversary concerts include a number of dates in the US: Newark, New Jersey (February 2), Los Angeles (March 5), San Francisco (March 8), Philadelphia (September19), and New York (October 18). More details on the tour pages.

Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette: Setting Standards (ECM 2030-32)