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November 21 , 2008

Evan Parker awards

Evan Parker, Britain’s foremost free improvising saxophonist, is one of the recipients of this year's Paul Hamlyn Awards. Winners were announced at an event at the Royal Institute of British Architects last week.

The recipients were presented with cheques for £15,000, the first of three annual payments totalling £45,000. The Awards are designed to support artists at critical moments in their careers, enabling them to focus on their work and develop creatively.

The prizes were presented by Richard Wentworth, the renowned British sculptor, who spoke of his admiration for artists’ “ability to take risks”. Interestingly, Parker’s prize is for composition: Evan has long made the case for “improvisation as a compositional method.”

Meanwhile, Parker’s Boustrophedon album – featuring his hour-long piece for the Transatlantic Art Ensemble - is also an album-of-the-year selection in France’s Jazz Magazine (Disques d’emoi de l’année).

Parker’s next ECM release is “The Moment’s Energy”, featuring his newly-expanded Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, currently a 14-piece group. The disc will be issued in 2009.