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November 28 , 2008

ECM in Rome

In mid-December, ECM returns to Casa del Jazz, Rome’s progressive cultural space dedicated to the propagation of anything that might, with imagination, be termed “jazz”. Three ECM ensembles help to stretch the definitions:

On December 11, the Norma Winstone Trio. England’s foremost jazz singer is joined in her group by German reedman Klaus Gesing and Italian pianist Glauco Venier – the line-up heard on “Distances”. Their music pools influences from Coltrane to Satie, from Peter Gabriel to free-play via standards and transformed Frisian folk song: Norma Winstone Trio: Distances (ECM 2028)

On December 12, the Greek/German/Italian trio of Vassilis Tsabropoulos, Anja Lechner, and U.T. Gandhi. Pianist Tsabropoulos and cellist Lechner scored a worldwide ‘classical’ hit with their “Chants, Hymns and Dances”, cross-referencing the music of G.I. Gurdjieff and Tsabropoulos with Byzantine hymns. Now adding drummer Gandhi they expand the improvisational component of the music on “Melos”: Vassilis Tsabropoulos/Anja Lechner/U.T. Ghandi: Melos (ECM 2048)

On December 13, the Norwegian/French quartet Dans les arbres. Christian Wallumrød brought this improvising ensemble to ECM, but it is a real collective, dedicated to sound exploration, often uncovering textures that suggest affinities with Morton Feldman or John Cage or with non-western ritual music: Dans les arbres (ECM 2058)

This is the second ECM mini-series at Casa del Jazz. In 2006, Trygve Seim’s Sangam, the Bobo Stenson Trio and the Stefano Battaglia Trio played their, to great acclaim. Further ECM events, including concerts and conferences, are in discussion for 2009. Details soon. Fore more information about the programme and the venue: www.casajazz.it