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November 10 , 2009

New ECM cover art book

Lars Müller Publishers have just issued a new book of ECM cover and booklet art – in two international editions. The English edition is entitled “Windfall Light: The Visual Language of ECM”, the German edition is “Der Wind, das Licht: ECM und das Bild”.

A powerful collection of ECM photography and graphics, with a concluding section featuring all ECM covers from Mal Waldron’s “Free At Last” (1969) to Keith Jarrett’s “Testament” (2009), this handsome 448-page book also incorporates texts by Thomas Steinfeld, Geoff Andrew, Katharina Epprecht, Ketil Bjørnstad and editor Lars Müller.

From the back cover of the book: “The design of the CD covers of the Munich record label ECM is as unique as its music. Over the course of forty years a body of artwork has developed whose coherence rests upon the individuality and forceful ambiguity of each and every motif. After the highly acclaimed Sleeves of Desire of 1996, which offered an overview of ECM cover art, this volume presents the covers that have been created since then. These covers, which are mainly photographic works, are arranged here in the form of a visual score that invites personal interpretations and individual discoveries. The entire collection of ECM cover art chronicles a program that has written modern music history — it is also a manifesto declaring the congruence of the visible and the audible in the form of the CD.” The books are available here: “Windfall Light” / ”Der Wind, das Licht”