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December 20 , 2010

Formanek’s Masterpiece

Michael Formanek’s ECM debut “The Rub and Spare Change”, is one of Down Beat’s Best CDs of 2010, a “Five-Star Masterpiece”. From the review: “What begins as a kind of modal hymn with ‘Twenty Three Neo’ – complete with pianist Craig Taborn’s mildly incessant five-note phrase, bassist/leader Michael Formanek’s quiet and supportive arco playing shadowed by Tim Berne’s light, lyrical tone and drummer Gerald Cleaver’s soft, percussive flurries – serves as an understated , dramatic backdrop to all that follows…Indeed, ‘The Rub and Spare Change’ works on you incrementally, to the point where you forget where you started and only know of what you’re hearing at the moment.”

The Michael Formanek Quartet will tour Europe in Spring 2011. This is Formanek’s first European tour as a leader in more than a decade, and dates so far confirmed include Munich (April 7), Baden, Switzerland (April 8), Brest, France (April 9), Paris (April 10), Eindhoven, Netherlands (April 11), Vienna (April 12), Pula, Croatia (April 14).

Spring 2011 will also see the release of Craig Taborn’s first solo piano album, good news for listeners who have enjoyed his contributions to “The Rub and Spare Change” and also to ECM recordings by Roscoe Mitchell (“Far Side”, “Composition/ Improvisation Nos. 1, 2 & 3”, “Nine To Get Ready”), Evan Parker (”Boustrophedon”), and David Torn (“Prezens”).