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February 19 , 2004

Jan Garbarek World Tour

Jan Garbarek is devoting most of 2004 to roadwork with his perenially popular group with Eberhard Weber, Marilyn Mazur and Rainer Brüninghaus. Tour activity begins in the Far East and continues in Australia before the band returns to Europe. Some summer festival dates are still to be added. Meanwhile, the following dates and locations are confirmed.

Hong Kong (February 22 and 23), Tokyo (February 25), Seoul (February 27), Melbourne (March 1), Sydney (March 2), Brisbane (March 4), Singapore (March 6), Kiel (April 14), Lübeck (April 15), Oldenberg (April 16), Marburg (April 20), Göttingen (April 21), Dresden (April 22), Nuremberg (April 23), Stuttgart (April 24), Ulm (April 26), Zürich (April 27), Basel (May 1), Essen (May 2), Münster (May 3), Paderborn (May 4), Fulda (May 5), Las Palmas (May 21), Mainz (July 6), Karlsruhe (July 7), Freiburg (July 8), Munich (July 9), Neuhardenberg (July 30), Aachen (October 7), Cologne (October 8), Hamm (October 9), Frankfurt (October 10), Tübingen (October 11), Nancy (October 12), Kaiserslautern (October 13), Heidelberg (October 14), Tuttlingen (October 15), Genf (October 16), Lucerne (October 17), Rendsburg (October 23), Bremen (October 24), Hamburg (October 25), Chemnitz (October 26), Halle (October 27), Weimar (October 28), Berlin (October 29), Kreuztal (October 30), Kassel (October 31), Hannover (November 1), Trier (November 5), Aalen (November 6), Wels (November 7), Vienna (November 8), Spielberg (November 9), Villach (November 10).

In September ECM will release a new Jan Garbarek album entitled “In Praise of Dreams”.
More details to follow on this page in the near future.

Jan Garbarek is featured in duet with violist Kim Kashkashian on “Monodia”, the important double album by Armenian composer Tigran Mansurian, released in Europe on February 2 and in the USA on February 23. Other artists appearing on “Monodia” are violinist Leonidas Kavakos, the Hilliard Ensemble, and the Munich Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Christoph Poppen.

Also newly released is Eberhard Weber’s “Selected Recordings” in the ECM :rarum series, which includes several of the bassist’s collaborations with Garbarek, and much more. In his liner text for the disc, Weber speaks of the “thoroughly admirable balance of arrangement and improvisation” which distinguishes the Jan Garbarek Group.