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March 14 , 2011

Manfred Eicher mono.kultur interview

mono.kultur is an interview magazine from Berlin, published in English and devoted to a single interviewee per issue. The current edition – mono.kultur # 26 – features an extensive talk with Manfred Eicher. From the introduction, by publisher Kai von Rabenau:

“Perhaps no other label has such strong connotations as ECM, such distinctive handwriting. Whereas the identity of the label is often perceived as categorical – words like melancholy, austere, elegiac come too easily – the output could in fact not be more diverse, with recordings from South America to northernmost Scandinavia, ranging from ancient folk songs to jazz standards to religious hymns to film scores. And yet, there is a faint thread running through this diversity, an undercurrent that makes for the mystery of the ‘sound of ECM’, at the heart of which lies a personality – with his own experiences, convictions, contradictions – a personality that pays attention to every detail, with a profound sense for content and form, with determination and intuition, and with an insatiable curiosity for the unheard.”

The interview – in which Eicher talks to Bernd Kuchenbeisser – addresses sound and silence and everything in between, with comments on music-making and critical listening, the recording process, film, cover design, Godard, Pärt, Jarrett and much more.

For further details about the issue, or to order the magazine, visit the web site www.mono-kultur.com.