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February 23 , 2004

“Weeping Meadow” Premiered In Berlin

“Trilogy: The Weeping Meadow” by Theo Angelopoulos, with music by Eleni Karaindrou (from the forthcoming ECM New Series album) was reviewed in all major German daily newspapers following its première at the International Berlin Film Festival. From the review by Andreas Kilb in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

“‘The Weeping Meadow’ is the first part of a trilogy devoted to the history of the twentieth century . If his ‘Greek Trilogy’ of the 1970s dealt with the fate of Greece, here his perspective has expanded to encompass Europe, America, the world. The history of Eleni-Helena is meant to be part of world history, the film of her life a landmark in our collective pictorial memory…Yet it is not the plot that dominates ‘The Weeping Meadow’ so much as the elegiac music of Eleni Karaindrou and the stunning beauty of the sets, which the camera captures in long, trance-like shots. White bedsheets, black-flagged boats at sea, sheep suspended from trees, houses in the flood, a schoolroom transformed into a morgue: all participate in the historical pageant staged in this film. It is real location, symbol, objet trouvé and visual testimony all rolled into one.”

The audience at the Festival's Gala screening on February 12th was moved by Karaindrou's mesmerizing music, accompanying symbiotically the movement of Andreas Sinanos' camera.

Eleni Karaindrou’s music for “The Weeping Meadow” is released throughout Europe and in Japan in March.