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September 29 , 2011

Art for Pärt

Verona in northern Italy will host a series of art events at the beginning of October dedicated to Arvo Pärt. Local art association Studio la Città will open an exhibition on 1 October 2011 with works of 20th and 21st century Italian artists - Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Fausto Melotti, Giorgio Morandi, Pierpaolo Calzolari, Vincenzo Castella, Giulio Paolini, Ettore Spalletti and Franco Vimercati -, artists whose paintings, sculptures and photographs share an “elective affinity” with Pärt’s world of music. The common bond, in curator Angela Medasani’s view, is a spirit of benevolence in the expressive work of artists and composer. The exhibition of Italian art is augmented by Roberto Masotti’s photographs of Pärt and a video-installation.

Music at the opening will be provided by the unique Italian jazz duo of Gianluigi Trovesi and Gianni Coscia, whose programme will include variations on Pärt’s as-yet-unrecorded “Ukuara Waltz” as well as improvisations and selections from their new album “Fréres Jacques: Round About Offenbach”.

Events of the week include a concert dedicated to Pärt on the evening of 8 October in the Verona San Fermo Maggiore basilica by Estonia’s Vox Clamantis and the Italian orchestra I Virtuosi Italiani, conducted by Alberto Martini. The first half of the concert will see performances of the works Fratres for orchestra and percussion, Passacaglia for two violins and strings, Silouan’s Song and Orient & Occident. After the interval there will be choral performances with orchestral arrangements of Alleluia-Tropus, Da pacem and Ein Wallfahrtslied alternating with a cappella versions of Summa, Memento (Ode VII), And One of the Pharisees and Most Holy Mother of God.