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March 16 , 2012

Reviews of the Week

Further acknowledgement from Great Britain for Dénes Varjón's Precipitando

And from the very start of the CD, the luminous playing of the opening of Berg’s Sonata Op.1 tells us this is a pianist of rare sensitivity. The word seems almost to float in this performance, continually remaking itself from moment to moment and never come to rest.[…] Varjón ranges through the music as if mapping an unknown landscape. […] All in all, a very impressive and intelligently planned programme.
Calum MacDonald, BBC Music Magazine

It is rare to hear such jaw-dropping virtuosity placed so modestly and so intuitively at the service of music. Nothing is rushed for the sake of mere excitement, and Varjón’s freshness and technical control make for a hugely compelling recital as well as for individual performances that are well-nigh unbeatable on disc.
Guy Weatherall, Classical Music

American critics are impressed by Anders Jormin's Ad Lucem

It may be frustrating when an artist releases albums infrequently, but when quality trumps quantity all is forgiven. [...] Still, with a high profile résumé sporting fellow ECM label mates such as pianist Bobo Stenson, saxophonist Charles Lloyd, trumpeters Tomasz Stańko and Don Cherry, and violinist Mark Feldman, Jormin's recorded output may be relatively diminutive, but it's consistently superb, capitalizing on his distinctively lyrical approach and broader pan-musical concerns. […] any new recording from Jormin proves well worth the wait and Ad Lucem is no exception.
John Kelman, Allaboutjazz.com

[…] (beautiful) texts, accompanied by some highly inventive music. Ad Lucem is adventurous, beautiful, and thoroughly compelling. The disc is recommended for fans who enjoy a little extra kick in their jazz, for Anders Jormin brings much more to the table than simply the standard fare.
Greg Barbick, Blindedbysound.com

German daily Die Welt raves about the intensity of the Schubert recording by Carolin Widmann and Alexander Lonquich

Scheinbar harmlose Noten werden plötzlich zu einer dicht verwobenen Kette von Schicksalsklangtropfen.
Manuel Brug, Die Welt