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July 18 , 2012

Manfred Eicher receives TONO Award 2012

For his work as “an exceptional music mediator” Manfred Eicher has been named winner of the TONO Award 2012 by a jury of Norwegian composers. The award was presented to Eicher at a ceremony at the Molde Festival on July 16, by the composer Synne Skouen. From the Jury’s findings:

“Manfred Eicher has contributed greatly to Norwegian music for many years and continues to do so. Eicher is the rare combination of a music executive who also works as a creative producer. His musical abilities, position, and passionate commitment have helped develop, improve and promote a long line of Norwegian composers, lyricists and performers. After first playing a major role in putting the concept of ‘Nordic jazz’ on the international map, Eicher has more recently made a mark with high-profile releases within experimental contemporary classical music. Consequently he appears today as bold, independent mediator in a broad spectrum of contemporary forms of expression (...) Both artistically and commercially Manfred Eicher appears as a formidable mentor and source of inspiration. The jurors can hardly think of any other non-Norwegian music industry figure who has made such an indelible impact on our music scene.”