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March 25 , 2004

Rava in Rome

On March 11 at the new Auditorium "Musica per Roma", Renzo Piano's famous new building, a double event took place celebrating Enrico Rava's first 50 musical years:
It started with a press conference to present Ravas latest ECM record "Easy Living" as well as the biographical book "Note necessarie – come un' autobiografia", edited by Alberto Riva and published by Minimum Fax. In the presence of Italian and international journalists an interesting discussion between Enrico Rava, Manfred Eicher and Alberto Riva was held. Both Rava and Eicher had fond memories about the recording in Stefano Amerio's studio in Udine. "This music was made in an unforceful way but with much force inside", said Manfred Eicher. Even if "Easy Living" is the title of the record, the music offers deep structures and thoughtful compositions. The attentive audience at the press conference had the chance to listen to some excerpts from the CD, and this pre-concert listening became a starting point for an animated debate in the Auditorium's bookshop.

The concert in the Sala Sinopoli started slowly. Step by step the instruments began to communicate with each other, but there was always enough space for individual statements. Enrico Rava, master on his trumpet, and the young Gianluca Petrella on trombone formed a wonderful couple, the sounds of the two instruments seemed to embrace each other …

As Rava already announced in the press conference this evening was the last concert of the quintet in this constellation. Stefano Bollani has left the group to continue his career as a solo pianist and bandleader, but he will carry on playing with Rava in duo.