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September 14 , 2012

Reviews of the Week

First reactions from the United Kingdom and Germany to András Schiffs new recording of Johann Sebastian Bachs Das Wohltemperierte Clavier

…a supreme rendition of one of classical music’s keynote works.
Andy Gill, The Independent

Mit Präludien und Fugen zweimal durch sämtliche Tonarten – András schiff präsentiert dieses Kompendium Bachs gewohnt souverän. Mir scheint seine neue Einspielung sogar noch etwas leichter und lockerer als die Mitte der 80er Jahre entstandene Aufnahme.
Martin Grunenberg, HR 2 Kultur

Kim Kashkashian impresses the Sunday Times with her interpretations of Kurtág and Ligeti on Music For Viola

Kurtag can seem either complex (the four times revised, frantic 50-second The Carenza Jig) or naive (Kroo Gyorgy in memoriam, consisting chiefly of a slow, measured, funereal downward scale). Ligeti’s six-movement work is characterised by intentional disjointedness between the eloquently ruminative and the fast, jagged and frantic. Kashkashian rises to every challenge thrown at her.
Stephen Pettitt, Sunday Times

Music Web International makes Arianna Savall's and Petter Udland Johansen's Hirundo Maris its 'Recording of the Month'

Arianna Savall’s clear vocal tones are a defining element in Hirundo Maris, but Petter Udland Johansen’s vocal contributions are equally heartwarming , and they frequently join to create a marvellously complimentary duo. The arrangements have all been made with a subtle touch, blending the brightness of harp and mandolin tones with the harmonic underpinning of double bass and guitar, and as much illustrative as rhythmic percussion timbres.
Dominy Clements, Music Web International

Enrico Rava's take on songs by Michael Jackson on On The Dance Floor thrills the reviewer of Germany daily Süddeutsche Zeitung

...eine der ungewöhnlichsten Platten in der langen und stolzen Geschichte des Trompeters und eine außerordentliche Platte im Katalog von ECM: Auf dem Livealbum “On The Dance Floor”, aufgenommen im vergangenen Herbst in Rom, spielen Enrico Rava und sein Ensemble (Rockband mit allen Bläsern in doppelter Besetzung) hauptsächlich Kompositionen von Michael Jackson, einschließlich “Thriller” und “Smooth Criminal”. Und sie tun es mit einer solchen Vehemenz und Spielfreude, dass keine Genregrenze mehr stehenbleibt […] Seltsam und unwiderstehlich ist dieses Album.
Thomas Steinfeld, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Billy Hart's All Our Reasons is reviewed on Music Web International

This masterful quartet demonstrates the virtues of virtuosity leavened by allusion. The results are compelling examples of genuinely interweaving musical strands, beautifully recorded, that fasion themes and ideas to embrace reflective intimacy as well as more soulful expeditions.
Billy Hart, drummer extraordinare, is the engine room fulcrum of activity. His restless, quivering presence is inspiring. Mark Turner plays beautifully; Ethan Iverson, of The Bad Plus, is ever inventive and bassist Ben Street, not to be overlooked, is the proverbial tower of strength .
Jonathan Woolf, Music Web International