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April 5 , 2004


Austrian pianist Till Fellner has recently released his ECM debut, an impressive rendering of Bach’s towering masterwork The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I. The music is beautifully served by Fellner’s un-flamboyant style and his focus on musical sense and sensibility.

Press reaction in Europe has been superlative thus far, as indicated in the quote below from the UK’s Classic FM magazine

“Till Fellner’s recording of Book I is one of the most ideal performances on the market…His approach is restrained, unmannered, insightful and incisive, yet profoundly gentle – his palette of piano colours and textures guiding us faithfully through the unending invention and beauty of the ‘Old Testament’ of piano repertoire…. Coupled with Feller’s restrained, sensitive playing is ECM producer Manfred Eicher’s recording technique which gives a wonderful warm glow to each prelude and fugue while being entirely faithful to the original sound.”
Disc Of The Month

Mr. Fellner performs in Austria and Italy in April and arrives on North American soil at the end of the month for performances in Washington DC (April 23rd) and Vancouver (April 25th) He will return later in the year to the Ojai Festival in California and to New York City for a Carnegie Hall recital.