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July 5 , 2004

La Selva
Organic Food In the Tuscan Tradition

When ECM was founded in 1969, it was Munich businessman Karl Egger who provided the financial framework that made the early recordings possible, and the ECM office found its first home inside his Elektro-Egger HiFi store at Gleichmannstrasse 10, a legendary address in the vinyl era. The store also included the mail order Jazz By Post department, which not only contributed to the musical education of future ECM staff members, but also gave the Japo label its name.

Egger has continued to be a partner in the company, funding ECM Export, the distribution and marketing wing of the label. In 1980, he branched out to develop another of his interests, food production on strict ecological principles (from organic music to organic food – it’s a logical leap). Ever since, he has run the LaSelva farm on 850 acres of land in southern Tuscany.

All LaSelva products - from wine and grappa to pasta and vegetable spreads and sauces - are produced and processed on the farm, and are available via an online shop. For much more information, in English, German and Italian, consult the web site at www.laselva.de

La Selva website