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November 30 , 2004


Pianist Bobo Stenson has been awarded the Jazz Prize of the Swedish Royal Academy of Music, an honour accompanied by a cash award of 100,000 Kroner, and given “for artistry with major importance in Swedish jazz”. From the jury’s citation, “Bobo Stenson has developed a unique and highly individual way of approaching the music and his strong personality has been an important influence in Swedish improvisation. He is a true improviser, with a never-diminishing flow of expressive ideas.”

Stenson has been an ECM musician almost from the beginning of the company’s history, arriving in 1971 for the Jan Garbarek album “Sart”, and going on to lead the widely celebrated Jan Garbarek-Bobo Stenson Quartet in the mid-70s. Through the early 1990s he played in Charles Lloyd’s bands and in Tomasz Stanko’s exemplary “free” quartet with Anders Jormin and Tony Oxley, also fronting his own trio. in acclaimed recordings including “Reflections”, “War Orphans” and “Serenity”.

Bobo Stenson’s most recent release is the retrospective “Selected Recordings” in ECM’s :rarum series.

A new Stenson trio album, with Anders Jormin on bass and the great Paul Motian on drums, is scheduled for 2005 release.